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Sugar Land TX Wildlife Removal Services

We specialize in residential and commercial humane bat removal and complete guano decontamination. Bats often gain entry through poorly built or poorly maintained homes and often gain access through vents such as gable or ridge vents and into attics. They also gain access through chimneys. Entry points of a bat infestation can be through a hole smaller than a 1/2 of an inch wide. Sugar Land TX bats needing bat control are members grouped by the Chiroptera species.

Katy TX Wildlife Control Services

Licensed and insured, we use tested bat control methods approved by Bat Conservation International for humanely removing roosting bat colonies (outside of bat maternity season) safely and legally, without harm to your building or risk to your tenants. Call us to begin the bat exclusion process in Katy TX. Bats are associated with rabies and histoplasmosis. It doesn’t take much of an opening for a raccoon to gain access to your home or business. Once you have raccoons in the attic, the raccoon is likely to contaminate insulation, chew through building materials and gnaw on electric wires. Raccoons can be a health hazard.

Galveston TX Wildlife Removal Company

It’s important to call as soon as you realize that a raccoon living in your Galveston TX attic. Only insured raccoon removal professionals with a wildlife removal permit are qualified to deal with raccoon problems. Squirrels are a known pest animal but are typically non-aggressive unless provoked when caring for their young. Although they are fun to watch, squirrels can get into our homes and business fairly easily. Once that access has been obtained, they start causing soffit, attic and roof damage. As they are excellent chewers, (they must chew to file their teeth down or they will continue to grow), they will gnaw/chew on wood as well as electrical wiring insulation which can cause electrical fires.

League City TX Wildlife Control Company

Skunks are burrowing animals and often dig under homes, sheds, patios, carports, air conditioning units and/or any other place that has loose dirt around a structure. In most cases, a skunk can simply be trapped followed by League City TX skunk proofing to ensure the animal doesn’t return. Not only can we humanely remove the snake, we can snake proof your home and install snake exclusion devices over the main entry points just in case there are more snakes inside the home. What happens quite often is that it becomes necessary to begin a pest control program at the same time to eradicate the food sources the snake has been in pursuit of.

Pearland TX Wildlife Removal Services

Rats are in probably 50-70% of the homes that we work on. There is a good chance you have them and do not know it. It is easy to ignore something that cannot be seen but you do not want rodents in your attic, especially roof rats in the attic. Roof rats chew electrical wiring insulation, their urine and feces create an extreme health risk, and they leave a scent trail for predators such as snakes to follow.  In fact almost all of the home snake calls we get have rodents living inside the attic. Call us for Pearland TX rat removal services.

Missouri City TX Wildlife Control Services

Bird removal can be a complex process. Even the smallest of birds can create massive problems for a homeowner. Bird nesting in exhaust vents is a terrible situation to deal with. Another situation with bird control is nesting in attics. The accumulation of bird nesting can be so massive the weight can bring down a ceiling. We offer commercial Missouri City TX bird control and residential bird removal. We provide full disinfectant services as well after bird nesting removal is completed.

Friendswood TX Wildlife Removal Company

Serving Pearland TX and the surrounding Brazoria County areas of Jersey Village, Aldine, Friendswood TX, League City, Texas City, Missouri City, Mission Bend, Bellaire, Hedwig Village, Katy, Richmond, and Rosenberg, and more. 

Bat Control Services

Bat Removal Houston
Bat Removal Pearland
Bat Removal Seabrook
Bat Removal Richmond
Bat Removal Clear Lake
Bat Removal Stafford
Bat Removal Clute
Bat Removal Friendswood
Bat Removal Pasadena
Bat Removal Missouri City
Bat Removal Alvin
Bat Removal Sugar Land
Bat Removal Angleton
Bat Removal Bellaire
Bat Removal Lake Jackson
Bat Removal League City

Squirrel Control Services

Squirrel Removal Houston
Squirrel Removal Friendswood
Squirrel Removal Pearland
Squirrel Removal Clute
Squirrel Removal Pasadena
Squirrel Removal Bellaire
Squirrel Removal Angleton
Squirrel Removal Alvin
Squirrel Removal Sugar Land
Squirrel Removal Seabrook
Squirrel Removal Lake Jackson
Squirrel Removal Missouri City
Squirrel Removal Richmond
Squirrel Removal Stafford
Squirrel Removal Clear Lake
Squirrel Removal League City

Raccoon Control Services

Raccoon Removal Friendswood
Raccoon Removal Stafford
Raccoon Removal Clute
Raccoon Removal Richmond
Raccoon Removal Pearland
Raccoon Removal Lake Jackson
Raccoon Removal Clear Lake
Raccoon Removal Angleton
Raccoon Removal Alvin
Raccoon Removal Sugar Land
Raccoon Removal Bellaire
Raccoon Removal Missouri City
Raccoon Removal Pasadena
Raccoon Removal League City
Raccoon Removal Seabrook
Raccoon Removal Houston

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Both raccoon feces and bat guano can be toxic and even deadly?