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  • Homes With Bat Problems 12%
  • Bats Infected With Rabies 29%
  • Fatality Rate From Rabies 100%


From the moment we called Jimmy and Mike, we had a feeling we were dealing with true professionals. Turns out we were right. They are both Army veterans and run their business as such. We had raccoons in our attic and they were driving us crazy and causing all kinds of damage to our home. Jimmy arrived the day after we contacted him and had the entire family caught and removed the next day. And he even wildlife proofed my home so I would not have this problem again in the future. I’m so glad I found these guys. Thanks for a job well done.

John and Tina
Dickenson Tx

Wow, I don’t know where to start. I called The Critter Squad Jimmy and Mike because I had noises in my wall above my bed. After some research on the internet I was fairly certain it was raccoons. When Jimmy arrived he not only confirmed this, but also found bats in my walls at another part of my house and birds in my vents on the side of my house. I had a wildlife refuge in my home. Jimmy was able to remove all the wildlife without harm and wildlife proofed my home and now we sleep well at night again.

Pearland Tx

Got a snake in my house. I DO NOT DO SNAKES! I called The Critter Squad and thank God they were in the area. Jimmy showed up to my house in less than 20 minutes and caught the snake. He informed me it was a Texas Rat Snake and though I told him he could kill it, Jimmy said he would relocate the snake to a more suitable habitat. As long as it is not in my home! LOL!