Leon Sowers
11:56 06 Aug 18
The Critter Squad did an awesome job removing raccoons from my attic, they were thorough and made sure I knew exactly what was going on at all times. Jimmy was always on time too! Which can't be said for a lot of other animal trapping companies. I will always call them for any wildlife control needs,(although I’m certain the raccoons won’t return.) They've got a customer for life!read more
Sherlyn Schumack
17:50 15 Nov 19
Words cannot express my gratitude to Jimmy and his crew for not only getting the family of squirrels out of my attic but also for their patience in dealing with a frantic customer. I thought I was going to lose my mind! Every sound sent me into panic mode and everytime I called, they responded. I am forever grateful to especially Jimmy and Josh but your entire team. I prayed and asked God for a special blessing for your business. your families, and the families of your workers. The service you provided was exceptional!read more
Chris Matthew
18:28 18 Apr 19
A nuisance cat had kittens in my attic. I called the Critter Squad. The removed 3 the kittens. We did not realize at the time the mother cat sent the others tumbling down the wall of my house. After they left I heard more kittens. After I trapped the mother cat I called the Critter Squad again. They promptly returned to rescue the remaining 3 kittens. They also reunited the kittens with their mother. Great feeling to know all ended well. The Critter Squad Rocks!!!read more
Evette Powell
20:26 05 Apr 19
I recently discovered that not only did I have a racoon in my attic but also had several small baby racoons. James was very professional when he first came out and was more than happy to answer all my questions and provided me with a detailed quote that was very fair. My racoon challenge became difficult as I learned that the mother racoon was “trapwise” and she became very difficult to catch. James and his team (Zach and Josh) were amazing and always responsive when I contacted them throughout the process. The Critter Squad has passion and enthusiasm for both the customers and the animals and trying to keep all of us happy!! If I ever have another wildlife issue, I won’t hesitate to call James and his team. They are genuine people who don’t quit until the job is done. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the service and dedication they demonstrated every step of the way.read more
Juanita Kucera
19:51 16 Feb 19
Very friendly... Great customer service!
Dorothy Spears
12:48 26 Oct 18
Our technician Jimmy is awesome, great customer service and treatments have been very effective. Great price too. Our home is now free of bats in the attic..
Martin Hill
11:00 25 Sep 18
These guys were great. Very responsive to all calls and emails no matter the day or time. They stuck with it until the job was completed. Highly recommend them.
Sarah Hardy
14:12 19 Oct 18
Quick and responsive with Jimmy and James and the way they handle my service order. The gentlemen that provide the service that day was quick and Knew what they were doing.
Stephen Miller
14:39 28 Sep 18
Had Bat and squirrel problem in garage and attic. JImmy came out and did an inspection with photos and went over details with me of what they found and what they would do to take care of it. They were done within 3 weeks or so including the cleanup. Even did a little touch-up painting for me. Can't say enough about Jimmy. Great guy, and great company.read more
Jeffrey Acevedo
10:01 18 Sep 18
I had bats in the attic. I contacted The Critter Squad Inc. and they did a great job. Took care of the bat issue and did a great job cleaning and restoring the attic. Leaving the attic in better shape than before. Thank you!read more
Brandon Hubbard
09:07 11 Sep 18
The Critter Squad really cares! I've known Jimmy, James, and Johnny for years and the consistently provide thoughtful, effective solutions that protect my home and make me feel good about solution I used for wildlife removal. They will always be the ones I call when I need help.read more
Diane Rogers
09:23 03 Sep 18
I highly recommend The Critter Squad. The company has been around for some time now and has helped everyone from homeowners to businesses to cities. I had a terrible problem with bats in my attic. The Critter Squad put a one way egress in place so that all the bats could get out, but could not get back in. The repaired and sealed any other possible entry points. All went well and everyone was a pleasure to work with.read more
Katine Worsick
14:35 10 Aug 18
For over a year we have been dealing with a rat infestation in our attic. We employed 2 highly rated services that try as they may, could not put a dent in the problem. We finally called the Critter Squad and within a half hour, Jimmy found what the other 2 services had been missing, demonstrating not only a thorough command of pest control but more importantly in this case, a knowledge of house construction that enabled him to identify the critter's entry point that the other 2 services had been walking past for over a year. Excellent work in getting rid of our rat problem.read more
Byron Moran
15:44 29 Mar 18
We had a great experience with The Critter Squad Inc. Jimmy came out the next day after we called, and he seemed like a sincere and honest tradesman. I thought I had squirrels in the attic. The other company we got a quote from told me we had a terrible rat infestation and quoted THOUSANDS of dollars in work. The Critter Squad was not just significantly cheaper, but very precise in knowing what to do. Guess what! There was a family of squirrels in the attic and now I have the pictures to prove it now. They really calmed me down about the supposed rat infestation. I think the pricing was very fair, the repairs blend in with the house so you can't even see them, and most importantly there are no more invaders in the attic. The staff seems to be very knowledgeable and genuinely care about the welfare of the animals. I love all animals, just not in my house, so I really appreciate that they handle this humanely. All around nice folks and would recommend them!read more
Dennis Souza
09:41 30 Jul 18
A remarkable group of people! I set up an appointment today and due to lack of communication on my end, I couldn't cancel on time (couldn't keep my appointment because some family issues came up unexpectedly), Jimmy came out, sprayed and took care of it all....I explained to him that I couldn't keep my appointment because I wouldn't have a way to pay for the service (it was bad, the property was infested with snakes)....he was kind enough to say don't worry about it, things happen he went on to finish the removal service even when he knew I wouldn't be able to pay in full. I still plan on paying. The absolute best people for snake removal and animal control. Please, give The Critter Squad Inc a try because you will love them.read more
Greg Huff
14:54 16 Jul 18
My kids ran into the house absolutely panicked because they saw a snake in the backyard, naturally, I’m not sure what type of snake it is and whether it would be dangerous or not, so I called The Critter Squad to be on the safe side. Jimmy came out and promptly got rid of the little reptile, giving all of us immediate peace of mind.read more
John Jensen
11:28 09 Jul 18
I had used The Critter Squad twice, once before for Squirrel trapping, (years ago and we have never had another issue with squirrels since,) and more recently for getting rid of a mother raccoon and her several baby raccoons. Jimmy trapped and removed the animals just as quickly as the first time he did work for us, so I’m confident I’ll never have to deal with raccoons around my home anymore. I’d put 10 stars out of 5 if I could.read more
Byron Thornton
08:37 01 Jun 18
I have used the Critter Squad two times over the past 10 or so years (for two different animals), most recently having concerns with squirrels in the attic during a remodel/addition project. I have always found Jimmy and the techs to be incredibly helpful and professional. Their knowledge of wildlife habits and behavior is amazing, and is a great asset in actually solving problems on an older home (or any home), and not just creating a temporary solution. They even did a neighborhood education talk for a small crowd when several of us were having different issues. That was several years ago and neighbors still rave about how helpful it was. I will never hesitate to recommend the Critter Squad to loved ones with any wildlife concerns around their home.read more
Louise Chaney
13:20 25 May 18
OUTSTANDING!!! These are the most professional, honest, and down to earth animal control professionals I have worked with. Jimmy and the team will give you a no B.S. assessment of what is going on with your wildlife problem, give you options, and let you decide. The work and craftsmanship Jimmy did for our home was awesome! We had a couple squirrels get into our attic chewing through the eve. He was able to put in one way doors that allowed the squirrels to leave on their own humanly without harming them. He came back when he said he would to make sure they were all gone before securing the opening. Jimmy and the team are real experts in their industry. Jimmy has a lot of knowledge he shares with customers on prevention measures as well. He also pointed out resting points where it would be easy for them to start over and we got those resolved as well. The Critter Squad is very quick to respond to you by phone and get appointments set for you quickly. I highly recommend The Critter Squad team for any wildlife needs you have. What are you waiting for stop reading this and go call them ASAP! The longer you wait the worse your wildlife problem will be!read more
Irvin Lopez
14:47 18 May 18
Jimmy came to our house today to inspect our attic for squirrel and rat infestation. Jim was diligent in his inspection and took pictures of his findings so that we could see the evidence. He went thoroughly through the pictures explaining what we were seeing. After recognizing the problem he then went into detail about the recommended plan of action and the benefits of doing so. He did not hesitate to answer any questions and was sure that we were satisfied. Overall, Jim represented The Critter Squad as an exceedingly professional company and we would recommend their service to anyone.read more
Kristy Meyers
13:19 04 May 18
We needed someone to come out and give an estimate for a rodent problem. I left a message with the Critter Squad and Jimmy called me back that same day and was able to fit me into his schedule early the next day. He came out and spent almost one hour looking at the house, walking me around the house showing me problems, giving me suggestions, and answering all of my questions. He knows what he is doing and we will be calling him back to finish the job. He also did not charge me for the service call, even though he spent what I thought was a great deal of time at our home. I have his business card in a safe place and would/will recommend him to anyone who is in need.read more
Willie Mendoza
14:35 26 Apr 18
I called The Critter Squad because I heard noises in my attic and they returned my call quickly and Jimmy was out the next day to provide an estimate! I called several other wildlife removal companies but their prices were flat out ridiculous!!!! I feel they gouge customers because of the nature of the situation. (Who wants to live with rats, right?) The Critter Squad provided me a customized solution for my needs at a fair and reasonable price! They are knowledgeable, professional, and get the job done! In addition, they are awesome to work with and just nice people!!! I highly recommend this company.read more
Elizabeth Biggs
14:27 19 Apr 18
Couldn't be happier! I had an armadillo that kept tearing up my garden every week and Jimmy came out the same day I called. Within a few days, the little trouble maker was caught and I haven't seen him since. My garden can finally grow in peace thanks to The Critter Squad crew.read more
Randall Gabriel
13:24 13 Apr 18
Make sure that you call Jimmy before you make a decision on which company you decide to go with. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable but he quickly came out inspected my mother in-laws home and did everything as he said he would and that also included repairing several entry points to her house where the animals gained access. It has been about 3 months since he came out and there is no evidence of any activity. I highly recommend The Critter Squad. GREAT JOB !!!!read more
Alvin Leon
09:49 09 Apr 18
This is the first time we have used The Critter Squad. I am a Stay-At-Home-Dad with an 8 month old, I was told that they would be about 40 minutes, which worked out because I put my daughter down 10 minutes before he was supposed to be here. Then, at the door, I heard the softest knock. When I answered, Jimmy was there. I told him thank you for knocking softly and he said that the dispatch had told him my daughter would be napping, and he didn't want to wake her up. I was very touched by his thoughtfulness and wanted to share that with all of you.read more


From the moment we called Jimmy and Mike, we had a feeling we were dealing with true professionals. Turns out we were right. They are both Army veterans and run their business as such. We had raccoons in our attic and they were driving us crazy and causing all kinds of damage to our home. Jimmy arrived the day after we contacted him and had the entire family caught and removed the next day. And he even wildlife proofed my home so I would not have this problem again in the future. I’m so glad I found these guys. Thanks for a job well done.

John and Tina
Dickenson Tx

Wow, I don’t know where to start. I called The Critter Squad Jimmy and Mike because I had noises in my wall above my bed. After some research on the internet I was fairly certain it was raccoons. When Jimmy arrived he not only confirmed this, but also found bats in my walls at another part of my house and birds in my vents on the side of my house. I had a wildlife refuge in my home. Jimmy was able to remove all the wildlife without harm and wildlife proofed my home and now we sleep well at night again.

Pearland Tx

Got a snake in my house. I DO NOT DO SNAKES! I called The Critter Squad and thank God they were in the area. Jimmy showed up to my house in less than 20 minutes and caught the snake. He informed me it was a Texas Rat Snake and though I told him he could kill it, Jimmy said he would relocate the snake to a more suitable habitat. As long as it is not in my home! LOL!