Fort Bend County, Texas

Fort Bend County

The County Of Fort Bend in Texas

Fort Bend is found in the United States state of Texas and based on the count carried out in 2010, the population was found to be approximately 585,475 and this made it the tenth greatest populated city in Texas. This district was initiated in the year 1837, and it was later systematized within the following year. It was called the blockhouse at the curve at River Brazos and it was inhabited by the Forts.


The Karankawa Indians are the ones who initially occupied the county but currently, the Richmond, William, and Travis lead some groups which built a fort called Fort Bend in 1822. The Fort Bend was formed by Austin and Harris as well as Brazoria in the year 1838 and this lead to some significant developments in the county. The county also developed as result of the plantation farming which dealt with cotton as the major product. In the 19th century, the area attracted some immigrants who colonized them and in the 20th century, they fought back till they attained their independence. With the help of Lawrence Sullivan, they were able to send some militia forces which were able to declare the martial law. By the aid of Jaybirds, the county offices were taken over and the the natives established their rule.

Geography and Demography

Based on the count done by the U.S Bureau, Fort Bend county has a coverage of 885 Sq. miles, which is equivalent to 2290 km sq. Out of all this, 861 miles covers land, and 24 miles covers water. As per the census of 2000, the total population was, 354,442 with the households of 110,915 and the families existing in that county were,
93,057. The Fort Bend showed a positive increase in terms of population, which was 39.1% in 2006. In 2007, Fort Bend was ranked as the 5th in the whole nation as the property taxes in terms of home value showing the owner occupying the housing.

Ethnic background

Fort Bend, as per the 1970s it has attracted more people from all the different ethnic backgrounds. The Fort Bend County is one of the counties which is growing in terms of the ethnic plurality and in the year 2011, the county was graded as the fourth most ethnically assorted area in the entire U.S. Based on the USA nowadays, the chance to have two different cultural groups once selected is 75%. This study concluded that Fort Bend was one of the virgin terrain that most of the groups could make their move to.

Politics and Government

The politics in the county are normally positioned around the administrators’ court which has the four popularly elected commissioners of the county; each a certain group of people. The county judge is also chosen to represent the whole county. Generally, the county is considered the swing district in Texas political affairs and the election outcomes normally tilts more elected as compared to the overall outcomes of the state.


The economy of the county tends to be more diverse as compared to the Greater Houston because there are many activities in the industrial, agricultural and other sectors of the economy. The presence of industries in the county based on the journal conveyed in 2010, has led to the increases in population growth and the county is expected to experience more population growth.


The county has quite a number of different levels of learning institutions. There are public schools under the district level, like the Fort Bend which is the independent school. The higher education is offered by universities like the Houston university which is the sugar property campus. The county also has the technical school like the Texas state which is the technical institute. It also has the libraries, which operates in the county.


Native news sources in Fort Bend County include the Broadsheets, also County Bend interstellar and daily Texas that is the coast. The county also has some facility area for the record, and this makes the county have a very distinct and unique local reporting system.


Fort Bend County has different types of transport networks which are orchestrated all over the county. It has the major highways like State High Six and the several airports and some of them are private like the Cardiff Brothers. There is also mass transit and the county created the department in charge of public transportation to manage transport systems all across the county.

In conclusion, there is a lot one can learn about the Fort Bend County which is found in the United States. It is also the best place which became popular from the ancient times and currently it is still a unique place compared to other counties.