Brazoria County, TX

Brazoria is a county in the United States the state of Texas. It’s located in the Gulf Coast nation of Texas County. The larger part of the county is within Southeast Texas, which is geographically located at the Houston sugar land. Brazoria is part of the counties that are located at the Texas Coastal Bent, which refers to an area that is deep and curved along the gulf. The Brazoria County takes the name from Brazos River which is the largest river in Texas and 11th in the United States. Brazoria County has many cities but the largest is Pearland city which hosts the County jail, among some of the cities and towns in the county, including Alvin, Freeport, Manvel, Richwood, West Columbia, Sweeny and many others. As per the 2010 census, Brazoria County was estimated to have a population of 313,166 people. The County seat is at Angleton.

History of Brazoria County

Brazoria County began back in 1821 when Stephen F Austin ordered 300 American settlers at the mouth of Brazos River. Stephen was considered to be the father and founder of Texas, he led a successful colonization of the region and brought many families to the region. In 1932 Brazoria became a municipal district and later became a Texas original county at independence in 1836. Joel Walter Robinson represented the county in Texas house of representative. Sam Houston was the Brazoria County attorney in 1880.

Demographic status of Brazoria County

As per the 2000 census, Brazoria County was estimated to have 241,767 people, 63,104 families and 81,964 residing in it. An average of 77% of white Americans, 8.5% African Americans, 0.5% Native Americans, 2% Asian Americans and 9.63% of other races resided in Brazoria County. About 79% spoke native English language while the other percentage spoke other languages especially Spanish. Most of the population in the county is made up of young people with a percentage of more than 60 and the median age of 34 years. For every 100 females citizens there were 107 corresponding male citizens. The income for each household was estimated to be $48,632 pa and the per capita income of the county was $20,021.

Education in Brazoria County

There are a number of both lower and higher educational facilities in Brazoria County. Among the district schools that are in Brazoria County include:

  • Angleton independent school District located in Angleton, Texas
  • Pearland Independent School District based in Pearland, Texas
  • Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District based in Kenneth C, Texas
  • Alvin Independent School District based in Alvin Town, Texas
  • Sweeny Independent School District based in Sweeny, Texas
  • Danbury Independent School District based in Danbury, Texas and
  • Brazosport Independent School District based in Clute, Texas.
  • Brazoria County has only two higher education facilities which are Brazosport College and Alvin Community College which serve the entire county. Brazoria has a county Library system serving the learners which have branches all over the county.

Government and politics of Brazoria County

The Brazoria County jail is located in Angleton city. The county is a host Region 3 office of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Brazoria County has the second highest numbers of state prisons. It’s also a host to a number of TDCJ units.

Elected officials of the Brazoria County

The politics of the County are dominated by the Republican Party both nationally and locally. The leaders elected are mostly from the Republican Party.

Transport in Brazoria County

Brazoria County is a host of major highways which include: State Highways 6, State Highways 35, State Highways 36 and State Highways 288. The Brazoria County does not operate any road as all the roads are operated by the national government. The County is soon commencing the construction of the Brazoria County expressway, the first road that will be controlled by the county The Brazoria County Toll Road Authority was formed in 2003 to oversee the construction of more roads in the region. The county has also a number of airports but all are owned by private companies except Texas Gulf Coast Regional Airport which is the only airport owned by the public. The privately owned airports include flyin` B airport, Skyway manor airport, and Pearland regional airport. They are owned by private individuals but are publically used.

In conclusion, Brazoria County has a number of cities, towns, and villages inhabited by the citizens of Brazoria. It’s a home of many people from other different races. It’s a home to a number of museums and a variety of historical landmarks.