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Harris County Texas

Harris County was first established in 1836 and it’s the most densely populated county in Texas.


The county is named after Richardson John Harris, one of the earliest settlers in this area. Evidence of human beings who first inhabited this county dates back to 4000-BCE with the European settlers arriving in this area between 1528 – 1822. French Traders are also recorded to have passed through this region in the 18th century and although the Spaniards had attempted to construct a fort here around the same period, they didn’t stay for long. The first Texas Congress established this county’s boundaries in 1836 and it included the Galveston Island but its current modern configuration was redrawn in 1838.


Harris County is highly industrialized. Some of the companies headquartered here in both incorporated and in unincorporated areas include Compaq, Memorial-Hermann Healthcare, Continental Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, Goya Foods, Academy Sports and Outdoors, Administaff, South-Western Bell, Internet America among others. Harris has a job growth rate of 0.8 percent with an unemployment rate of 5.5 percent. The county’s income tax is at zero while the sales-tax rate is at 8.3 percent.


Information from the US-Census Bureau indicates that Harris County has an area of 4600 square-kilometers of which 4410 is dry land and 190 is water. It’s surrounded by Waller, Liberty and Montgomery Counties on the North, Chambers County on the Eastern side while the Fort-Bend, Galveston, and Brazoria Counties are found on the south. It’ is the largest county that is found on eastern-half of the Texas state. Its land surface is typically coastal and there are multiple canals and bayous for artificial drainage.


Averagely, Harris County gets 50 inches of rain annually which is very high compared to US’ average of 39 inches. The snowfall is averagely zero and it has over sixty days of measurable precipitation. July has the highest recorded temperatures while January has the lowest.


According to Texas’ 2015 Population-Estimate Program, Harris County has a population of 4.5 million. The Non-Hispanic Whites have a population of 30 percent, Black Americans 18 percent, 44 percent for Latinos and Hispanics of any race, Asians 7 percent while other races make up for the remaining percentage.


The Texas Metro provides the main means of transport in Harris County while communities that aren’t served by the Metro Line use the Harris County Transit. InterCity buses such as the Greyhound-Bus Lines also operate in various bus stations throughout the county. Major highways that are commonly used for transport include Westpark Tollway, Interstate 10 and 45, Fort-Bend Toll Road etc. Travelers going outside the county can use the William-Hobby Airport or the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.


Primary and Secondary schools

The county’s department of education oversees the learning system of local district schools. Harris County’s education budget is over $100 million with seven elected trustees overseeing the operation of the learning system. The schools which are found in 26 districts include Crosby ISD, Klein ISD, Houston ISD, Aldine ISD, Dayton ISD etc.

Colleges and Universities

Universities found in Harris County are Texas Southern University, University of Houston together with its Downtown and Clear Lake branches. The community colleges that serve the Harris community are the Lone-Star College, Houston Community College, and the San-Jacinto College.

Public Libraries & County Services

Members of the public in this county use the Harris County Public-Library.

The County offers the public emergency services such as:

Police Service

The Sherriff’s Office in Harris County serves areas that are unincorporated and it also offers an additional supplement to police forces that operate in the incorporated areas. There is also a constable for the county’s precincts ad deputies. The police service mainly patrols, maintain peace and order within the county while providing security in county buildings like the attorney offices and courthouses.

Municipal Fire and EMS Services

The Fire Marshal’s Office in Harris County operates an Emergency Response Unit, Prevention (Inspections) Unit, and an Investigative Unit. The office is found in an unincorporated area.

Other county services in Harris County Texas include:

Medical Services

Medical Services for the needy and indigent are provided by Harris County Hospital-District. The county also operates three other hospitals i.e. Ben-Taub General Hospital, Quentin-Mease Community Hospital, LBJ-General Hospital together with other clinics. Note that there are numerous public and private clinics throughout Harris County, including Harris County Psychiatric Center.