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Pasadena animal control, bat removal, bat exclusion, bat control, bat exclusionA bat species is considered a pest when they have a tendency to take up residency within dwellings in close quarters with people. Bats are considered a pest species because of their tendency to do that, and the rise in Pasadena bat removal calls is a testament to the growing problem. We also offer bat removal Missouri City, Texas and bat removal service Sugar Land, TX.

There are a number of complaints that bat removal agents get concerning bats including:

  • A loose bat stuck in the house
  • A bat swarm near a building or home
  • Odor as a result of the urine and feces
  • A bat in the chimney
  • Bats in the attic or barn

Wildlife Removal: The Process of Pasadena Bat Removal in Texas

People want and need, to have bats and bat colonies removed from the areas that will put them in close quarters with these animals. There is a necessary bat removal and bat control process that needs to be carried out in order to make sure that the removal is successful and to make sure that the bats don’t return.

  1. Inspection- The building where the bats are getting into needs to be fully and thoroughly inspected. The areas that are allowing the bats to come and go need to be located.
  2. Species Determination- During the inspection, one of the things that need to be determined is the species of bat that is the problem. Different species have different habits when it comes to nesting, hibernation, and reproduction.
  3. Exclusion- This part of the bat removal process allows the bats to get out and not get back in. It is best to not try and trap the animals because even if they are removed and exclusion is not done properly, bats will be able to get back in.
  4. Seal- Much of the sealing process is done during prior to exclusion. The sealing at this point is done on the primary entry and exit points that were left open for them to get out. Once all the bats have made their way out, the final exit points can be sealed so that the animals do not get back in (AND NOT BEFORE).
  5. Clean- The final step is to clean up the mess that the animals have made. The urine and feces that these animals produce can cause a lot of health and structural issues for people.

Bat Diseases and Problem

Aside from the fungal infection of histoplasmosis (an infection that ails the lungs due to the fungus that grows on bat droppings), bats are a common carrier of rabies. This may be because bats are able to bite people in their sleep without them knowing or due to their size, people may be less threatened by them. It may be that the strain of rabies that bats carry may be more likely to infect people. Never approach a sick bat or a bat that is found on the ground because it is possible to be bitten as they are trying to defend themselves. There is no repellent that will work for bats and there is no simple way to remove them. Exclusion is the best and most effective way to deal with them. It can be a difficult process and it is best left to professionals who are trained. Amateur attempts or the use of poison can make the problem much worse because of the presence of rotting carcasses or bats swarming in other areas of the building. [no_toc]

Bat Control and Bat Removal Pasadena Services

Bat removal is extremely important in stopping the spread of disease from bats in the attic to a homeowner. One of the most prevalent diseases that bats will transmit, aside from rabies, is histoplasmosis. This is a fungal infection that is caused by inhaling the spores of the Histoplasma capsulatum fungus. This fungus is present in the bat guano that they leave behind. When people enter the areas containing guano, they may stir up the spores and make them airborne and breathable. When people are exposed to these spores they can end up with symptoms that range in severity from a bad flu to feeling like tuberculosis. This infection can be mild and healthy people will be able to fight it off themselves and more severe cases are going to require antifungal medications and hospitalization.

Cost for Bat Removal and Control

The City of Pasadena bat removal costs greatly depend on many factors. This includes the size of the home, the difficulty to access the bat’s entry point, the necessary safety measures, colony size, guano accumulation, and many other factors. Many people would like to know “what’s a ballpark on the cost of bat removal from an attic”. Unfortunately, it can range from $500 to upwards of $30,000 and more for large colonies. If you are facing bats in the attic and want to know the cost on removing bats from an attic in Pasadena, call our bat removal and wildlife removal experts today so we can give you an accurate estimate based on your individual needs.

Bats of Texas

Pasadena bats are the only flying mammals. Bats front limbs have evolved over the years, bats have elongated fingers and a wing membrane stretched between them. The bat is the second largest order of mammals with over 1200 species.

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Mating Season

Bats mate in winter and delay fertilization till spring for the fetus to start developing. There are species such as Mexican free-tailed bat that mate and give birth in early summer or spring. The gestation period for bats is 40 day. Bats give birth to live young ones and breastfeed them like other mammals. Most species of bats produce only one pup in a year while others produce two or four and are taken care of in maternal colonies. Maternal colonies a group females bats who come together to bear and raise the young pups together. The pups grow fast and are ready to feed by themselves and fly by late summer.

Most Pasadena bats about feed on insects. There are also fruit-eating bats, nectar-feeding bats, fish-eating bats, carnivorous bats that prey on lizards, frogs, birds, and small mammals. The most famous and scary group of bats are the blood-sucking vampire bats of South America.

Pasadena bats live almost everywhere, including under tree barks, in caves, crevices along bridges, palm fronds, hollow trees. Bats are creatures of habit and will return to the same roost for long periods of time, sometimes even for a whole lifetime. Bats roost areas such as on roof ceiling, abandoned houses.

Bat removal and bat control in Pasadena Texas is extremely crucial and often both challenging and unsafe and need to just be carried out by a wildlife expert like 24/7 Wildlife Control. Bats are plentiful in Pasadena Texas and can be found in all buildings, homes, churches, businesses, stores, restaurants, apartment building, essentially any structure in Texas can be a house to a colony of bats. Bats in Texas like to fly in the greatest spaces of 15 feet or taller, this helps them avoid their natural predators, that’s why the like to make their home in your attics, particularly in the two or 3 story houses and structures.

Bats inside your Pasadena TX houses typically defecate in one specific area, which feces, referred to a guano is really hazardous to humans and is full of illness germs that consist of histopalsmosis and the hanta infection. This guano develops quickly, particularly when there are large numbers of bats in the attic and will trigger health issue for the human residents of the house.

Evidence of bats in your Pasadena TX house include sounds during the early evening and dusk hours, hearing the bat’s use of eco-location or chirping, a rancid smell of bat guano, and the site of bats inside your home or in your outside locations. You need to call 24/7 Wildlife Control for the gentle removal of the bats, bat control, a complete cleaning and sanitation of your attic against the diseases bats carry, and sealing of all entry points created by the bats. At 24/7 Wildlife Control we concentrate on bat removal and provide a warranty on our work.

Bats are a secured types in Texas, they help to control the mosquito population and are extremely beneficial to the environment, however they are a health hazard when they decide to make their home in your Pasadena TX house. Call 24/7 Wildlife Control for the safe and humane removal of the bats, a comprehensive cleaning of the area they occupied, and sealing of all entrances they used to access to your home.

Wild bats can cause a great deal of damage to your home in Pasadena. Especially to your attic area and the insulation if they’ve chosen to live there. Removing the animal is in some cases the least of your concerns. Rodent, Raccoon or bat invasions can leave you with your insulation requiring to be changed in Pasadena.