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Nuisance Squirrel Control and Removal

trapperLooking for professional Friendswood squirrel removal? Though they may appear cute, squirrels in the attic are nuisance animals that can cause severe damages to your property. As a result, they are often considered to be pests. Squirrels, or Sciurus carolinensis, are small to medium-sized rodents and are usually gray, though red, brown and black varieties also exist. Averaging around one pound in weight, they have the potential to grow very quickly. We also offer squirrel removal Richmond, Texas and Sugar Land squirrel removal near me.

Squirrels can supposedly live for up to ten years, though life expectancy in the wild is closer to three to four years. Squirrels in Friendswood TX are also able to give birth to two litters a year – one in summer, the other in winter months – and have on average 3-4 young following a 44-day gestation.

Squirrels are most active in the morning and evening, and this can make them especially disruptive if they find themselves in your home, prompting the need for immediate Friendswood squirrel removal. Generally, their habitats are varied and can be found in forest, suburban and city environments. Their diet consists mainly of nuts and seeds, which are easy to find in all of these locations. They tend to establish home territories, communicating with others via scent, chattering and the flickering of their tail.

Friendswood Squirrel Control in Attics

in the atticHave a squirrel in your attic? The dark, wooden surroundings of attics make them particularly appealing to problematic squirrels in attics. There are a variety of objects to chew, such as the wood, wires, ducts, and pipes, and these can cause a fire hazard if damaged. This is why squirrel removal for squirrels in the attic is imperative before major damages can occur. We know how to get rid of squirrels.

They also tend to leave waste such as urine and feces in the space, increasing the risk of conditions such as salmonella and leptospirosis, and often bring nesting materials inside which may, in turn, attract other pests. Before we begin the squirrel removal process, we provide an attic inspection and will find anything in this nature. Squirrels in Friendswood may also carry parasites, and spread ticks and fleas; all of which are unwelcome guests to your home. Our squirrel control is complete and can handle all aspects of the process from squirrel trapping, to clean up and squirrel damage repairs.

Types of Squirrel Traps For Nuisance Squirrels

trapsThere are a variety of types of squirrel traps that we use for Friendswood Texas homes which can be used to capture your nuisance squirrel before a safe release:

Live-traps: As the name suggests, these capture the squirrel alive. They are regularly checked, so the squirrel removed and released elsewhere.

Kill-traps: These types of traps are sometimes considered more humane, as the rodent is removed quickly and safely, with no risk of suffering or starvation.

Despite their different methods, both types are essentially ‘box traps.’ They can be placed on the roof where squirrel activity has been noticed, or on attic runways.

Swing panel traps are the third option, and these are placed directly outside of entry points. This allows them to catch the squirrel as it darts in and out of your home.

Traps Versus Alternative Removal Methods for Friendswood Attic Squirrels

squirrel damagesThere are many alternatives to using traps for nuisance squirrels in Friendswood, but traps remain the safest and most effective methods.

Many squirrel repellents are offered in stores, but they have been proven many times to be inefficient at best, and useless at worst. Mothball or urine-based repellents, strobe lights and loud radios are especially popular, but research has demonstrated that they fail to keep them at bay.

Some people are tempted by the high-pitched noise makers which are offered, but the FTC has issued a warning against these types of repellents, as they fail to have any effect.

Poison is also an option which will fail to work. Squirrels are smart, and will almost never eat rat poison. The best option to free yourself from a squirrel problem is using a team of local Friendswood experts.

What can be done about nuisance squirrels in the attic?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of squirrels from your Friendswood property is through trapping and removing them. This is often the most humane and cost-effective method. If the infestation is in the attic, all of the open holes, gaps, and vulnerable areas need to be sealed shut with a material the squirrels can’t chew through.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

In an ideal scenario, preventing squirrels from entering your Friendswood home is more effective than trying to get rid of them.

The simplest solution is not to keep out things which may attract these unwanted visitors, such as fruit trees and bird feeders. Avoid trees from growing too close to your home – these are the perfect point of entry for squirrels, along with holes and gaps in the attic. Make sure all possible entry points are fully sealed and secure, to remove the temptation for the rodents to move in.

Call Local Professionals

A squirrel infestation can have serious health risks for you and your family, as well as putting your home at risk of damage. Let us take the hard work out of the situation by allowing our experts to take care of the issue once and for all.

The Critter Squad Technicians are fully trained to assist you in removing squirrels from your home: permanently. With over 20 years of experience in pest control, our team has developed industry-leading procedures to help you deal with your problem, and leave your home squirrel free.

We attend regular seminars and training sessions to ensure that our team is always up to date on the most effective solutions for dealing with pests, and always follow state and municipality regulations. All technicians performing pest control services which involve wildlife management are fully licensed and certified to do so, as required by state regulations.

Why not make your life easier by calling in the Friendswood TX squirrel trapping experts? No matter your squirrel problem, we have the team to help you eliminate unwanted visitors and regain control of your home or business in no time!


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Raccoons are very noticeable with their mask-like features on their faces and gray fur. They are active during the night as they are nocturnal mammals. Most of the time when they are finished, homeowners find themselves annoyed with the garbage dispersed everywhere. Due to the urbanization of some areas with trees and water source, they are forced to adapt to their new environment. Some of their favorite places they like to intrude in your home are chimneys, attics, or anywhere that is dark and has fewer people in it. Residents of the area may find themselves in nuisance critter trouble in the last minute for these animals are not usually seen during the day. Sooner or later they will discover these nuisance critters because of the noises they make. The resident or homeowner by this time should call a professional, licensed nuisance critter trapping expert.

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages they have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, it will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases. The most common disease they can contract is rabies. Without the proper equipment, an inexperienced person trying to capture this creature may have difficulty and may even cause more damage to the house or people living in the house. If it can not be helped and an individual must confront this nuisance critter, consult first the state laws on what are the do’s and dont’s when trapping the creature. There is one thing that is common in the laws of different states and it is to not harm or kill these nuisance critters. Try avoiding using any harmful chemicals that may be hazardous to both the animal and the nuisance critters.

Trapping and moving these nuisance critters are the usual things to do when trapping them. Before anything else, consult the laws of your local and state to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. In the different cities in the different states of the country, capturing a wildlife critter is prohibited. Be mindful when trying to trap these creatures by yourselves. Always check the places that are possible for them to live in if there are babies that they left. If these little babies are not caught, they will not just cause you damages but also foul odors when they die because the mother is not there to take care of them. Taking the mother several miles away from its babies will not stop them from coming back for them. A professionally licensed nuisance critter trapper may advise you not to expel the nuisance critter if there are baby critters involved for it may prove to be difficult to exclude relocate them. Provide a trap that is with the proper size and strong enough for it to not be able to escape once you are done with it. A weak trap can be easily be broken for these nuisance critters are very agile and smart and powerful enough to do destroy it. The distance of relocation must be accounted for when doing the trapping by yourself.

Hiring a professionally licensed critter trapping expert can be cheaper than the cost of the repairs of the damage they will cause. Our company will provide not just the trapping of the nuisance critter but also the cleaning and repairing the vermin has caused. We will also guide you to what to do to prevent any more intrusion from the nuisance critter after the repairs are done..

Most squirrels are gray, but some are black, brown or red. They only weigh about one pound, but they can sure do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Did you know that mama squirrels give birth to a litter of baby squirrels twice a year, one in late summer and another during the winter? Each litter brings three or four baby squirrels into the world. That’s only one of many reasons you don’t want them in the attic.

It’s important that you get rid of their babies before they start chewing up electrical fixtures, wiring, roof braces, support beams, electrical fixtures and anything else they can get their teeth on. They chew to trim and sharpen their teeth. They also carry fleas and parasites.