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Raccoon Removal in Clute, TX and Nuisance Raccoons

Clute TX Raccoon Control PictureThink you may need Clute raccoon removal from your home or attic? Raccoons, or procyon lotor, are just one example of the pests you may find invading your home. These mammals are easily recognizable by their distinctive ringed tail and black mask and can wreak havoc on Clute, TX homeowners. Primarily nocturnal, these pesky creatures can also be seen during the day, usually when looking for food. Raccoons are omnivorous and happy to munch on any food raccoons can get their hands on. This is how many homeowners realize they have an infestation. We also offer raccoon removal Richmond, Texas and raccoon control company in Sugar Land.

Once fully grown, adults, can range from 10lbs to over 40lbs, and may live up to 12 years in the wild. Raccoons usually mate in the winter, around December time, with babies being born in the spring. The females will have between 3-5 offspring in a litter, and so it is easy to see how the number in your home may grow.

Most commonly found in urban areas, raccoons have adapted well for survival in the cities. Excellent climbers with nimble hands, raccoons are also very strong. Raccoons enjoy exploring for food and shelters, and this is one of the reasons raccoons often enjoy making their dens in attics.

Pest Raccoon Concerns

The intelligence possessed by many raccoons is one of the things which can make them such a nuisance. Raccoons are used to living with humans and have long realized that dumpsters and garbage cans can provide an excellent source of food. Raccoons are also able to steal pet food – sometimes breaking into porches – raid dumpsters and tip over trash cans in their effort to find food, and have been known to tear holes in a roof to access the attic.

As well as the damage which can be caused by these nuisance animals, there are also many potential health hazards to be aware of. Raccoons are a common carrier of rabies; a condition which can be fatal if not caught in good time. Raccoons may also carry canine distemper, which is potentially fatal to dogs.

While residing in your attic, raccoons will also be leaving droppings in the space. The feces of these animals may contain raccoon roundworm, and the eggs can be ingested and infect humans. Ticks, fleas and other unwanted parasites can also be transmitted by raccoons living close to humans and domestic pets, and so it is essential to remove them as soon as possible.

How To Remove Raccoons

The market is awash with so-called raccoon ‘repellents,’ such as those which are mothball or urine-based, or which emit a high pitched noise – also known as ultrasonic sound emitters. These have been proven to be ineffective in removal, and at present, there is no registered or effective repellent available.

As a result of this, your best option is to hire our experts who are trained and equipped in Clute raccoon removal services and perform any necessary raccoon proofing and damage repairs to keep them out in the future. Cage traps are the most effective, and will often offer the most humane solution to your problem.

Raccoons can be tricky, and for this reason, we would recommend using our team of experienced experts. This is particularly true if raccoons are living in the attic; it is important to search for any potential litters, which need to be removed by hand, sometimes this needs to be done before trapping and capturing the female.

Prevention of Raccoons

The best way to keep your home raccoon-free is to discourage them from taking up residence in the first place. This can be difficult – as we discussed, raccoons are amazing climbers, and many techniques such as sprinklers, flashing lights and repellents have been proven as ineffective.

In general, any raccoons which are strictly outdoors should not cause you too many issues. The problems occur when raccoons enter your home and begin to cause damage. The easiest way to keep them at bay is to make sure your home is unattractive to them.

Be sure to professionally seal any potential points of entry to prevent them from breaking in, and make sure all pet food is indoors and out of reach. Keep trash cans tightly sealed, and make sure raccoons are not overflowing with tempting treats. There are a number of small tips and tricks you can use to make your home hostile to raccoons – if raccoons can’t find a delicious meal, raccoons are unlikely to stay for long.

The Critter Squad Inc. Raccoon Removal Services in Clute, Texas 

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Raccoons are very noticeable with their mask-like features on their faces and gray fur. Raccoons are active during the night as raccoons are nocturnal mammals. Most of the time when raccoons are finished, homeowners find themselves annoyed with the garbage dispersed everywhere. Due to the urbanization of some areas with trees and water source, raccoons are forced to adapt to their new environment. Some of their favorite places raccoons like to intrude in your home are chimneys, attics, or anywhere that is dark and has fewer people in it. Residents of the area may find themselves in nuisance critter trouble in the last minute for these animals are not usually seen during the day. Sooner or later raccoons will discover these nuisance critters because of the noises raccoons make. The resident or homeowner by this time should call a professional, licensed nuisance critter trapping expert.

These critters can be really expensive in terms of the repairs of the damages raccoons have done. This nuisance critter will take less time for it to establish a colony if neglected. When left alone, it will cause certain damages within the house or building, leaving their feces and urine all over the place and even cause different sickness and contract diseases. The most common disease raccoons can contract is rabies. Without the proper equipment, an inexperienced person trying to capture this creature may have difficulty and may even cause more damage to the house or people living in the house. If it can not be helped and an individual must confront this nuisance critter, consult first the state laws on what are the do’s and dont’s when trapping the creature. There is one thing that is common in the laws of different states and it is to not harm or kill these nuisance critters. Try avoiding using any harmful chemicals that may be hazardous to both the animal and the nuisance critters.

Trapping and moving these nuisance critters are the usual things to do when removing them. Before anything else, consult the laws of your local and state to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. In the different cities in the different states of the country, capturing a wildlife critter is prohibited. Be mindful when trying to trap these creatures by yourselves. Always check the places that are possible for them to live in if there are babies that raccoons left. If these little babies are not caught, raccoons will not just cause you damages but also foul odors when raccoons die because the mother is not there to take care of them. Taking the mother several miles away from its babies will not stop them from coming back for them. A professionally licensed nuisance critter trapper may advise you not to expel the nuisance critter if there are baby critters involved for it may prove to be difficult to exclude relocate them. Provide a trap that is with the proper size and strong enough for the raccoon to not be able to escape once you are done with it. A weak trap can be easily be broken for these nuisance critters are very agile and smart and powerful enough to do destroy it. The distance of relocation must be accounted for when doing the trapping by yourself.

Hiring a professionally licensed critter trapping expert can be cheaper than the cost of the repairs of the damage raccoons will cause. Our company will provide not just the trapping of the nuisance critter but also the cleaning and repairing the vermin has caused. We will also guide you to what to do to prevent any more intrusion from the nuisance critter after the repairs are done.

In order for these nuisance critters to prevent from ever intruding or returning to your house or on a building, one must complete some tasks dedicated to stop their activity. One of the tasks that you can do is the proper garbage disposal. Closing the lids on these things and tying them can be very helpful. This will prevent the nuisance critters from luring them and opening the garbage can to loot what food is left. Clean the surroundings of your house of pet food which can be mistaken as food by these nuisance critters.