Eastern Pipistrelle

(Perimoytis subflavus)

Eastern pipistrelle is an outdated name because these bats were called this when they were believed to be related, and belong, to that species. It was later proven that is was not and it took on the scientific name Perimoytis subflavus, more commonly known as the tri-colored bat. It is the only bat within the Perimoytis genus. It got its’ name from the tri-colored fur that covers its’ body. The base of the fur is black, the middle is yellow, and the tip is brown.

They are a smaller species of bat as they only reach a length of 3 and a half inches long. They are solitary except when they come together to mate and migrate. Tri-colored bats roost and hibernate in caves and mines. They are insectivores that prefer eating along the edges of forests, streams, and other water corridors because this is where their prey like to congregate.

They are found in a geographic area including the midwestern United States (including Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas) spreading to the east coast, north to southeast Canada, and down the eastern coast of Mexico. The females will form small maternity colonies in foliage during the summertime while they raise their young.

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