If you find baby animals in your attic, it is important to handle the situation with care and caution. Firstly, it is crucial to determine the type of animal you have encountered. Different species require different approaches for their safe removal and relocation. It is recommended to contact a local wildlife rescue organization or animal control agency for guidance. Attempting to remove or handle the animals yourself can be risky, as they may carry diseases or become aggressive when feeling threatened. It is essential to keep in mind that wild animals thrive best in their natural habitats, so the goal should be to reunite them with their mother if possible. Additionally, it is crucial to identify and address any potential points of entry in your attic to prevent future occurrences.

What to Do if You Find Baby Animals in Your Attic

Assess the Situation

When you stumble upon baby animals in your attic, it’s crucial to remain calm and approach the situation with care. Take a moment to assess the circumstances before taking any action. Are the animals injured or in distress? Are they old enough to survive on their own? Understanding the state of the animals will help guide your next steps.

Call a Professional Wildlife Control Operator

Once you’ve determined the presence of baby animals in your attic, it is highly recommended to contact a professional wildlife control operator. These experts possess the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to handle such situations safely and effectively. Attempting to handle the animals on your own may lead to unintended harm or further complications.

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional wildlife control operators are trained to handle a wide range of wildlife situations, including dealing with baby animals found in attics. They understand the behavior and habits of various species, enabling them to make informed decisions about the best course of action.

Additionally, wildlife control operators prioritize the safety and well-being of both humans and animals. They follow ethical guidelines and regulations to ensure that the animals are treated humanely and relocated to suitable habitats whenever possible.

Expert Assessment and Removal

Upon arrival, a professional wildlife control operator will conduct a thorough inspection of your attic. This assessment helps them identify the species, determine if the babies are orphaned or abandoned, and assess any potential damage caused by the animals.

Based on their findings, the wildlife control operator will devise a plan for safely removing the baby animals from your attic. They may utilize humane traps or exclusion techniques to relocate the animals without causing harm. Remember, it is vital to allow the professionals to handle this process to ensure the safety of both the animals and yourself.

Preventing Future Incidents

While this article does not cover DIY methods for animal removal or prevention, it is worth mentioning that a professional wildlife control operator can also provide guidance on preventing future wildlife incidents. They can advise you on securing potential entry points, such as sealing holes or gaps in your attic, to minimize the risk of animals finding their way back in.


If you discover baby animals in your attic, it is crucial to remain calm and contact a professional wildlife control operator immediately. Attempting to handle the situation on your own can lead to unintended harm to the animals or further complications. By calling a professional, you ensure the safety and well-being of both the animals and yourself. Remember, prevention is key, and a wildlife control operator can also provide guidance on preventing future incidents.

Assistance with Wildlife Control and Animal Removal

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