Raccoons invade UT music school

The University of Texas had to shell out almost $15,000 recently to combat the invasion of their music school building by raccoons. The raccoons were removed from the music building and recital hall that is home to the Longhorn band. They worked to seal any openings and entry points in the building where the critters were gaining access. Raccoons are very common in North America and during the colder months they find ways into homes and buildings via places like chimneys and open vents.

Another nuisance animal has been increasing in numbers in parts of Texas. Roof rats are fairly common throughout the state and gain access into homes via openings and cracks you might not realize are there. The problem with roof rats being inside your home is that they can carry a multitude of diseases that can affect humans.

Raccoon Facts

Raccoons have a keen sense of hearing and excellent night vision. They are quick climbers and excellent swimmers. They use their dexterous fingers to search for food in streambeds, climb trees, and open containers and waste bins. They know how to get into a house and get food. Fruits and nuts, insects and aquatic invertebrates, fish, smaller animals, frogs, bird eggs, carrion, and human garbage are all part of their diet.

Raccoons are almost entirely nocturnal creatures. They sleep in dens in the trees during the day. They may rest for a long time during the cold winter months, but they do not hibernate. They prefer to be alone and only congregate with several other raccoons throughout breeding season.

Males sexually mature at the age of two, while females fully mature at the age of one. Their breeding season is from the middle to the end of the summer.

For more information on raccoon and roof rat removal, visit The Critter Squad Inc.

UT spends nearly $15,000 removing raccoons from music school building

The University of Texas had some unwelcome visitors earlier this fall.

Purchase order records obtained by the American-Statesman show UT spent $14,641 this month for the trapping and removal of raccoons from the Music Building and Recital Hall, which houses UT’s Butler School of Music and the Longhorn Band. Learn more

Summary: The University of Texas had to fork over around $15,000 earlier this year to remove raccoons from their music school. The raccoons gained access through gaps and open vents.

‘Roof Rat’ Calls Quadruple in Texas

Here’s hoping that the warm weather holds out for as long as it can, if for no other reason than the sake of our collective creeped-out response to critters crawling into our homes.

Shetterly estimates that his company’s call volume has quadrupled in the last two weeks with people calling to complain that rodents — rats, raccoons, squirrels — are camped out in their attics or crawl spaces.

Rats and other rodents will move into a home if it provides shelter from inclement weather and if it provides access to a supply of food. Read more

Summary: The reports of roof rat infestations has grown in the last month in parts of Texas. Rats are a common sight in the state and can carry harmful diseases.