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Ridge-Guard® is a revolutionary new product that is revolutionizing the wildlife industry and is quickly becoming a game changer in how WCO’s and PCO’s deal with animal entry into the attic through failing or improper installed ridge vents.
Homeowners in most cases may not even realize their ridge vent is failing, allowing not only wildlife, but also water damaged to occur as well. In years past it was necessary to remove and completely replace the ridge vent to properly fix this problem. But the problem still remained the ridge vent is made of plastic and in time and this South Texas heat, will in time fail again. Not anymore! Ridge-Guard® has not only addressed this problem, but is a long term solution to this problem.

THE PROBLEM: Ridge vents are installed all over the country and are designed to vent air up and out of the attic through a small gap left in the roofs peak. When the ridge vent warps and cracks, it allows animals to enter the home.

ONCE INSIDE: When wildlife enter the attic, they can create a very serious health risk due to zoonotic diseases associated with animal waste, urine and feces, as well as fire hazard from chewed electrical wires, and degrade the attics insulation from walking on and matting down the insulation.

THE SOLUTION: Ridge-Guard® has addressed each and every one of these problems. No longer is it necessary to replace the entire ridge vent, creating a savings of up to 50% due to material and labor costs. Ridge-Guard® is a heavy-duty American-made product with a lifetime guarantee.

The Critter Squad has become a Certified Ridge-Guard® installer and Authorized Distributor for the South Houston Metro Area. We are excited to be the premier company to supply and install the high quality Ridge-Guard® products to further the home owners ability to resolve wildlife conflicts between home owners and local wildlife.

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