Attic Clean Up For Bat Droppings


Bats serve a great service to the people they live near or around. They are an important factor in insect and mosquito control for the property of a family home. Although they do serve a real purpose, they do not make the best neighbors when they get to close.

Why Remove Bat Guano?

They can be a source for more than 60 different human contractible diseases. One of the places that they like to roost is within the attic of a home.

Why Do Bats Choose The Attic?

Bats live in colonies and they need to find a place that can suit the entire colony. An attic is a perfect place for this. It is a place that is safe for them to roost out of the reach of their natural predators and it is warm for them during their hibernation months in the winter. Once they have chosen an attic, the homeowner is going to need to call in professionals in order to remove them. Once the bats are removed, there is a major clean up process that needs to take place.

Cleaning Up Guano

Once the bats have been removed, there is going to be a large mess that will need to be addressed. Their bat guano is going to be dangerous in an attic due to the smell that it can emit, the bacteria, disease, and viruses that it can harbor, and the destruction that it can do you’re the physical structure of a home. Bats are well-known to transmit rabies and histoplasmosis and the later is spread to humans who come into contact with the airborne spores of the fungus.

The guano needs to be removed in a professional way that will minimize the release of these spores. Then there is going to be a process of removing any soiled material from the attic, like insulation because even once the bats are gone these materials can continue to be places where the fungus can grow. An enzyme-based cleaner is going to need to be used so that all of the biological material is properly broken down and can be cleaned away.

Additional Problems

Even once the bats are gone and the guano has been cleaned up, there may still be issues to deal with. Bat bugs are one of the parasites that feed on the bats. These bugs can be left in the home after the bats are gone. They are going to look for new hosts to feed on and they will feed on humans if necessary. These bugs will contract and transmit the various diseases that the bats may have had. It may be necessary to treat a home for these parasites because they may have made their way into the interior of the home.

It can be a major problem just to deal with the bats and then the process is not over. They can bring in a lot of filth and diseases that a person may not be aware of. Professionals will be able to educate their customers on the potential issues that may need to be dealt with and the best way to handle these problems in a way that is effective and healthy for everyone.