Is Houston a Boring City?

Texas, is the 2nd biggest state in the United States, it’s comprised of many cities that each hold an excellent amount of significance to its residents. Just like every city, Houston is full of wildlife. Houston Texas wildlife control service can assist in removal of unwanted animals. Everyone in Texas has plenty of pride, and that’s a fact, however, it never ever just ends at being a Texan. When cities come into play, there are words thrown at others who think their city is the best. I’m just going to end the “beef” right here and provide you all with incentives on why Houston is not the best city in Texas.


Who would want to reside in a huge city with urban facilities, while still being just a short hour away from the coast? Seems like a great deal of pollution, traffic, and filthy beaches to me.

The Texans

Texan’s Stadium

The Texans went 9-7 in the 2016 football season and won one divisional playoff game in 2017 versus the Oakland Raiders before getting booted off by the New England Patriots. On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys went 13-3 throughout the 2016 Football Season, and did not win a championship game, and have only had about 2 or 3 playoff wins since their last Super Bowl in 1996 however they’re still better. The Texans may have been named as having the top defense in the league, but who cares?


Is space expedition really that crucial? Space Center Houston is just a leading science and space learning center and is Houston’s No. 1 tourist attraction for global visitors, the Official Visitor Center of NASA Johnson Space Center, and the only Smithsonian Affiliate in the greater Houston area. Why would we want the youth to check out NASA and be notified of how the birth of the space-age has provided a plethora of originalities and ground-breaking innovations that we use every day? That isn’t beneficial to children at all.

The Galleria

Why would we want a massive, high end, worldwide shopping destination that hosts more than 24 million visitors yearly, uses world-class shopping with more than 375 stores, 30 dining establishments, 2 hotels, and a full-sized ice rink? The Galleria is also the hot spot for celebs when they’re in town.

The Museums

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston is home to 19 museums, one of them being the Museum of Fine Arts, which opened in the 1920s, and at that time was only the third museum located in the South. To this day, this museum remains among the country’s biggest and most prominent art institutions. Lots of museums in the well-known Museum District located in Downtown, consisting of the Fine Arts museum, offer free entry on Thursdays.

The University of Houston

The University of Houston is the 3rd biggest university in Texas and is ranked in Princeton Review’s 2016 edition of “Colleges That Pay You Back: Schools That Give You the Best Bang for Your Tuition Buck.” which states that UH finishes with at least a bachelor’s degree can have a median starting income of $51,700 and a median mid-career salary of $86,600. UH is likewise the second most diverse university in the nation, with no ethnic or racial group comprising a majority. Not to mention, the athletics are terrific.

Hermann Park

Why would anyone in their right minds want to check out a park that is not only a beautiful portrayal of nature, but a source of entertainment, which includes a golf course, an outdoor theater, which hosts totally free shows, a running track, a stunning rose garden, picnic spaces, and a butterfly exhibit? Plus, the reflection pool looks like a knock off of the Washington Monument.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Who wishes to see boring calf scrambles? Who wants to acquire 10 pounds by consuming fried Oreos, foot-long hotdogs, and turkey legs? And to top everything off, there are carnival rides to barf all the food you ate beforehand. Yuck.


Yes, Beyoncé, the grammy-award winning most nominated lady in awards’ history, multi-millionaire solo artist, was born and raised in South Houston.

It’s safe to say that Houston, Texas is just one huge mess. A great deal of traffic, garbage sports groups, and no home entertainment whatsoever.

Said nobody ever.

If you didn’t capture the satire in this piece, then you most likely aren’t from Houston. We love this city, the good and the bad. We like everything about this place, the culture, the diversity, the facilities, the home entertainment, and everything. Houston is most absolutely the best city in Texas.

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