Wild Pigs in Houston

Feral hogs have long been a problem in rural parts of Texas. But now, researchers say they’re increasingly entering urban areas across the state — including Houston’s suburbs — damaging property and raising public health concerns. Houston Public Media

Will feral hogs attack humans

This article will be looking at the feral hogs’ effect on human communities. Some people may argue that they are beneficial for the environment, but what exactly do we mean by this? In reality, the reason why I say that feral hogs are harmful to the environment is because of their destructive habits. They destroy gardens and lawns in order to get at the fruits and vegetables that can sustain them.

What makes feral pigs so hard to get rid of?

What makes them so hard to get rid of? Well, it’s because they are a completely different animal to domesticated hogs. So, before we go into any more details about feral hogs, I want you to realize that we live in an agricultural society that requires large amounts of space.

Feral hogs, if they attack a community, will destroy several crops and lawns within one or two days of one another. It’s only a matter of time before they get the attention of humans. When this happens, they will run away and start living in a different area. This means that no longer will people be able to enjoy the fruits and vegetables in their gardens or other lawns.

So, what can a responsible owner do if he or she notices that a feral hog is causing problems in their neighborhood? If you have noticed that one of your neighbors has a few in their back yard, then you should contact the police right away. There are many laws that govern the capture of feral hogs.

How can you go about getting rid of feral hogs?

How can you go about getting rid of feral hogs? Well, you will have to build an enclosed fencing around your home and yard to assure their safety. You should also get a humane traps for feral hogs. Once you catch one, you should immediately tie it up and take it to the local pound to be killed. If you don’t catch one, then you should call the humane society and have someone capture and kill it.

Now that you know what the effects of feral hogs can have on your family and the environment, you can learn how to stop them from attacking. You should also remember that they are not pets. and need to be handled accordingly.

You should keep their food source out of their reach by keeping garbage cans at least a foot away from their feeding areas. Don’t let them go near the water or other animals because they might try and eat them. If they are running towards you when you come out of the house, then you should call the police and have a humane trap set up. If you don’t have any dogs, then you can contact your local humane society and they can come and have the dogs removed.

So, if you do notice a feral hog near your home, get in touch with the police and get rid of it as soon as possible. This will stop it from destroying your garden, eating your crops, and destroying your lawn. And the best way to protect your pets is to be a responsible owner!

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