Warnings from local police

Police in an east Texas city have issued warnings to its residents of recent sightings of coyotes. The warnings are specifically targeted at small pet owners and people that have small children in their home. Urban coyote sightings have become increasingly common in the past decade thanks to increased urbanization. The animals have been forced to move closer and closer to humans. Many people lack the knowledge on how to deal with a coyote should they encounter one.

Bobcats and coyotes have also been sighted in another Texas town. Officials issued tips on how to deal with an encounter should it happen to local residents. They state that you should not run but make yourself appear large and make noises to scare the animal away. Many residents have been posting images of the spotted coyotes and bobcats on Facebook.

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Coyotes prompt warning from Texas, police

It’s not the kind of warning that police give out all the time. But after a string of recent coyote sightings in Marshall, police in the East Texas city are warning people to be aware of the potential threat.

Their warning specifically targets pet owners and parents of small children. Supervision, they say, could prove to be critical. Over the weekend, the Police Department posted a photo on Facebook of a coyote in a residential area. Read more

Summary: Coyotes were spotted recently in Marshall, Texas. Police are warning residents of the potential threat and urging them to remain vigilant.

Bobcat, coyotes spotted in Schertz

A bobcat and several coyote sightings have been reported in Schertz, according to a Facebook post from the Schertz Police Department.

The post doesn’t specify where exactly the animals have been seen but includes a warning to residents and precautions to take if you see a bobcat or coyote.

Coyotes and bobcats are native to Texas and typically live in less crowded areas in an effort to avoid contact with people, according to the post. Learn more

Summary: Coyote sightings have increased in parts of Texas. A Facebook post stated that both a bobcat and several coyotes were spotted in Schertz, Texas.