What Are Honeybees Attracted To?

Honeybees make your garden more bountiful and attractive than ever before. Bees buzzing about as pollinators add life to the yard, making flowers and other plants lush and plentiful. In a garden, bees are responsible for the majority of pollination. Flowers are pollinated and fruit is produced thanks to bees. Planting wildflowers, fruits, native plants, vegetables, and sunflowers, as well as finding food, water and shelter, attracts bees.


However, there are occasions when honeybees build their hives in areas where they cannot coexist peacefully with humans. Honey bees like to build their hive in cavities, so they’ll look for places that are dry and secure, which can unfortunately include behind home siding, brick walls, and drywall voids. Despite the fact that honey bees are relatively harmless, their hives behind walls can cause structural damage by decaying the drywall. Furthermore, they pose a health risk to people who are allergic to bee stings. In addition to rodents and insects attracted to the honey, hives in walls may attract other problems such as rodents and insects.

Things To Avoid

Knowing what attracts these insects will help you avoid an infestation that could cause structural damage and other problems down the road.

  • Wildflowers, especially yellow, white, blue, and purple flowers, are attractive to bees. These colors are more appealing to bees than the pink, orange, and red variety of flowers.
  • Flowers with a single row of petals are more appealing to bees than flowers with several rows. Single-petaled flowers have more pollen and sugar than other flowers, so hungry honey bees have a little more to eat. When there is only one row of petals to crawl over, it is also easier for bees to enter the pollen.
  • Honeybees are wild creatures that need a natural environment to survive. Open fields with tall grass and small brush piles are ideal for them.
  • Bird baths are difficult for bees to use because they need shallow water to step up to the edge of. A shallow water supply can provide them with a safe haven to drink from.