Will Animal Control Get Rid of Raccoons?

Over the past 2 years especially, we have actually seen a considerable rise in the raccoon population. It stands to reason that the regularity of raccoon/human interaction is also rising. Depending on the scenario you encounter, you will certainly need to call a couple of organizations to deal with the specific problem. 

When to Call Animal Control

We can approach this topic by separating raccoon encounters right into two categories. First is when you encounter raccoons out in the neighborhood. Either in distress, wounded or acting weirdly. The second situation is when raccoons are relatively healthy, however found on your property scouting out a brand-new location to call home.

The first situation is when you ought to call animal control. Specifically if you see a raccoon out during daylight hours. This is a foolproof indication something is wrong as they are nocturnal creatures.

If you come across a raccoon in distress, acting strangely or relatively injured, it’s best to call animal control and not a private wildlife prevention company. And DO NOT approach the animal under any conditions. Private wildlife companies do not have the resources to respond to these types of demands.

The truth is animal control centers get upwards of 50 000 calls a year for raccoons alone, as a result typically they will just respond if the animal is revealing signs of infection, or is posing a danger to the neighborhood. This can be annoying to us animal enthusiasts but it’s likewise reasonable taking into consideration the logistics included.

If you presume the animal has a possibility to survive and are not having any type of luck with your local animal control service, you can attempt to get in touch with a refuge or refuge center on your own. Read about Houston raccoon removal near me.

When to Call a Wildlife Removal Expert

Your local animal control service will certainly not remove any form of wildlife from your residence, basement, attic, barn or roof-top. Their main purpose is to shield wildlife from the spread of disease and take care of them if they’re hurt and out in the open.

If you have wildlife of any type of kind in an area of your home that needs to be removed, and you want it done humanely, you’ll have to call a specialist. Your neighborhood wildlife removal and prevention company have the expertise and training to take care of these scenarios securely, humanely and successfully. A word to the wise, it’s prudent to ensure your service provider has liability insurance, along with at heights training and up to date vaccinations for its specialists.

There are times when we work in conjunction with local shelters, the SPCA, the humane society and refugee centers, yet our main service is in the prevention of wildlife and pest entries after getting rid of the animal humanely and identifying it’s entry point( s).

Remember (especially throughout spring) it is vital to respond quickly if you presume you might have an intrusion. Raccoons are extremely motivated and very creative/destructive if they decide they want to enter your attic, shed or garage.

Since wildlife are persistent in their efforts to get into (or back into) a residence, prevention procedures constantly need to be implemented. Prevention includes but is not restricted to securing off obvious and not so obvious access points and areas of a residence typically vulnerable to breaches (i.e. via weaping brick, under roof shingles and open air vents). If they have babies, our type of solutions guarantees they’re rejoined with their moms before being released back right into the wild.

The Take Away

If you’ve encountered a raccoon you’ll have to make a decision whether it’s wounded or otherwise and who to call afterwards. If it’s hurt and out in the open or wild, you’ll want to call your local animal control service.

If it’s in your wall surfaces, attic, basement or anywhere else in your home, you’ll need to call a wildlife removal or pest control firm who will solve the animal issue and ensure it doesn’t reoccur once more in the future. Raccoon removal ought to just be performed by professionals.

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