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The Critter Squad has long been the leading animal control company in Houston. We have worked with homeowners all over our great state to drive out pests of all kinds. But contrary to what some people may assume, our job isn't easy. Pest control is demanding and complex. That's why you probably have a few questions you'd like to ask us. Don't worry, we're way ahead of you! We have cultivated some of the most frequently asked questions about  pest control in Houston and have answered them below.

What Pests Do You Remove?

Our unbeaten team is qualified to remove all of the most common household pests. However, there are a few pests that we deal with more often that others. Squirrels and rats are the pests we encounter most regularly and we have always been successful in our attempts to remove them. So, if you need rat or squirrel removal in Houston, you know who to call!

What Happens To The Pests Once They Are Removed?

We may be the best squirrel removal company in Houston, TX, but we are far from their enemies! That's why we take extreme care not to harm the little guys when we're removing them from a property. This goes for all other pests we deal with as well. Once our team removes an animal from a home, they safely return it to its natural habitat.

What If The Pests Return?

When you hire The Critter Squad, you're hiring the best pest control company in Houston, TX. That means it's a virtual guarantee that the pests will be removed and never return. But, for the sake of arguing, let's say they come back. What happens then? Well, if the pests return, so does your money! We provide every customer with a written 100% money-back guarantee, so you won't be out of pocket if the pests should somehow find their way back into your home.

Do You Use Traps?

As the best Houston squirrel control company, we are skilled enough to capture and remove pests without the assistance of traps. This means you won't have to worry about traps inadvertently hurting your personal pets while we work. We also operate on a strict no poison policy, once again eradicating the risk of any harm coming to your pets during the removal process.

What Areas Do You Serve?

The Critter Squad primarily operates within the greater Houston area. We have worked with businesses and homeowners in places like Galveston, Fort Bend, and Harris counties. We have also had the privilege of working with clients in central Houston on a number of occasions. If you require top-of-the-line squirrel removal in Houston, you should be sure to reach out to us. Even if you're too far away for our team to reach you, we'll point you in the direction of a closer pest control team that can give you the help you need. 

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Responsible, effective, and military-owned, The Critter Squad is the place to go if you're in need of pest control in Houston, Texas. Contact us today at 713-396-6030 for a consultation with our pest control experts.

Squirrel Removal Houston
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Squirrel Removal Houston
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Squirrel Removal Houston Squirrel Removal Houston Squirrel Removal Houston