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Rats are one of the most common pest infestations in the United States. Across the country, homeowners regularly enlist the services of pest control companies to help them deal with these annoying - and potentially devastating - creatures. Rat infestations are particularly common in Texas, where many properties are built in the countryside. If you're searching for a rat removal company in Pearland, TX, The Critter Squad is the place to go.

We are the leading animal control company in Pearland and are no strangers to dealing with rats. In fact, over the years, we have crafted the perfect service plan to deal with rat infestations. You'll find that plan outlined below.

Here's what you can expect when you enlist our Pearland rat removal services.

Responsible Removal

Even though many people shudder at the sight of a rat, we believe that they should be treated with compassion and respect. For this reason, we avoid using traps and poison, unlike many other providers of pest control in Pearland. Instead, we use humane methods to capture rats, meaning no harm comes to them during the removal process. Once a rat has been caught, our team will return it to the wild. This has, unsurprisingly, led to us being viewed as the most compassionate animal control company in Pearland, and that's a title we're more than happy to have.


They say prevention is better than the cure and that is certainly true when it comes to rat infestations. That's why our team will search your house from top to bottom to find the holes through which the rats entered your home. They will then fully seal these holes, preventing the rats - or any other pests, for that matter - from entering your property in the future.

Identifying The "Why"

Once our experts have established how the rats managed to enter your home, they will set about determining what attracted them to your property in the first place. In many instances, pests are attracted to a home by the behavior of the owner. If a homeowner regularly leaves open garbage bags out, for example, they are likely to experience a pest infestation at some point. With the best Pearland rat control experts on our team, The Critter Squad will help you examine your habits to determine if they inadvertently contributed to your rat problem. If the answer is yes, we'll also give you some hints and tips to control these habits and keep pests at bay.

Money-Back Guarantee

Any pest control company worth its salt should be able to ensure its clients that pests won't return once they have been removed. As you'll see, The Critter Squad is worth its salt and then some. Not only will we guarantee rats won’t find their way back into your home once we have removed them, we’ll put it in writing! If you experience another infestation of rats after the removal process, we’ll give you 100% of your money back!

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The Critter Squad is proud to be the foremost name in Pearland rat removal. If you’re in need of our expert services, contact us today at 713-396-6030.

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Pearland rat removal Pearland rat removal Pearland rat removal