Do Squirrels Remember Humans? They Do If You Are Worth The Effort!


Squirrels are brilliant creatures that have actually adjusted well to living amongst people. Squirrels are likewise extremely intelligent animals that have demonstrated that they have superb memories. Given their close proximity to us and their wonderful memories it begs the question, “Do squirrels remember humans?”

There are numerous well documented instances of squirrels remembering human beings. Wild squirrels are quickly trained to keep in mind that particular individuals can be risk-free and trusted sources of food. Great information about squirrel control company in Houston.

Exactly how Good Is A Squirrel’s Memory?

One of the most fascinating study of squirrel memory power that I have actually encountered was done by researchers at the University of Exeter. The scientists were examining the ability of grey squirrels to remember how to fix complicated problems.

Scientists constructed a tool that needed squirrels to press bars to get a nut. The test squirrels took about 8 seconds to figure out the problem on their first effort. By the time the squirrels had actually understood the problem it only took them 2 seconds to obtain the nut.

Here Is Where It Gets Fun!

Virtually 2 years later the researchers took the exact same squirrels and put them in front of the lever gadget once again. It just took the squirrels 3 seconds to push the appropriate levers to get a nut! This experiment highly suggests that the squirrels kept in mind just how to carry out a complicated task over a timespan of years.

Among the much more renowned tests of squirrel memory includes concealing nuts under a series of cups. The test was originally built to show that squirrels locate their buried nuts by memory as opposed to by scent. There have been many variants of this test done by various researchers yet the basic concept is as follows:

A squirrel is supplied with a series of mugs in a row, every one of which are empty with the exception of one which contains a stash of nuts. After the squirrel finds out which mug holds the nuts the location of the mug with the nuts is moved and an empty mug is put in its place. The squirrel will consistently go back to the area where it remembers where it discovered the nuts although the mug is now empty and the nuts are located under a nearby cup.

Why Would A Squirrel Remember A Person?

A squirrel has a whole lot going on in its life as it goes about its day-to-day business of looking for food, preventing predators and trying to mate. Squirrels do not have much need to think about people other than trying to determine if they are a predator or a resource for food.

If you can get a squirrel to identify that you are NOT a predator and ARE a resource of food after that they will remember and interact with you!

Is It Safe to Handle a Squirrel With Bare Hands?

It is not safe to manage a squirrel with your bare hands, and it isn’t recommended either. You will certainly need thick rubber gloves when dealing with any sort of wild animal intrusion, and this is certainly the case with the squirrel – an animal with seriously sharp teeth and claws.

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